Saving Endangered Species.

Volunteer with African Wildlife.

Saving Africa’s endangered wildlife through informed, impact-driven projects. Volunteer with the most awarded volunteer supported wildlife conservation organisation in Africa.

Conservation Opportunities

Volunteer in Africa

Join the globally recognised, award winning wildlife volunteer program in Africa supported by WWF and contribute to some of the most important and exciting endangered and priority species conservation work being done on the ground, by the professionals. It’s real Africa, real conservation, and the experience of a lifetime. Awarded First Place at the World Responsible Tourism Awards 2023 for Nature-Positive Tourism.

Courses, students & internships

Some of the most unique African wildlife research opportunities and practical learning environments in South Africa for those wishing to gather research data for undergraduate degrees. Monitor Africa’s iconic species and the habitats in which they live. Spend a Gap Year gaining valuable field research experience and training, or gather data for dissertation papers.

Conservation Work

Wildlife ACT Fund is a non-profit trust on a mission to save our planets’ endangered wildlife and wild places from extinction. We believe this is the only chance we have of saving ourselves. Passionate, experienced, on-the ground conservationists doing critical work where it’s needed most. Delivering time and expertise, implementing anti-poaching measures, finding and funding equipment, and educating local communities.

Endangered species conservation

Volunteer across the abundant wildlands of Zululand in South Africa.

Duration: 2 weeks +

Marine Conservation Volunteering

Join us as a land and marine conservation ecotourist on a private island paradise with its white beaches as your home and office.

Duration: 4 weeks +

Drakensberg Conservation Project

Monitoring of endangered and critically endangered vultures and various other much needed priority species and protected area boundary conservation work.

Duration: 2 weeks +

Conservation Training Course

Practical, hands on training underpinned by course material developed by the experts.

Duration: 4 weeks

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