How To Help

How to Help

We are all custodians of this beautiful planet that we call home. It is therefore up to each and every one of us to ensure that we respect, value and protect it to ensure its future. That’s why we are making it as easy as possible for you to help us to save South Africa’s endangered species with the Wildlife ACT Fund.

Whether you’re a group, individual or business, there are loads of ways for you to support the work that we do. And no, it’s not just about donating money. By simply liking our Facebook page for example and by asking others to follow us on Facebook, you are already making a difference. Word of mouth and spreading awareness do much to support what we do.

Other ways you can help:

Many people have been so inspired after their stay with us that they are continuing to promote Wildlife ACT and spread the conservation message, whether it be at universities, schools, functions, fundraisers or general word of mouth. We have put together a short presentation and some printable PDFs which are free for anyone to download and distribute.

> Download the Brochure

> Download the Leaflet

> Download the PowerPoint Presentation

The wildlife act wishlist

Wildlife ACT has a pretty extensive Wishlist for our conservation efforts. We’ve prioritized a few items that are essential for our conservation projects to continue. Any small donation will make a huge difference so don’t feel that you need to donate the entire amount. To donate, please visit our secure donation page on GivenGain.

Wildlife ACT’s Conservation Wishlist

  • Vulture GPS Backpacks: R8 000 each
  • Transmitters: R4 500 each
  • Rhino GPS Collars: R15 000 each
  • Wild Dog GSM Collars: R20 000 each
  • Standard VHF Anti-snare Collars: R5000
  • GPS Satellite Collars: R50 000 each
  • SAT Collar data download: R1 300 per month
  • Vet cost: R8 000 per day
  • Chopper cost: R7 700 per hour
  • Telemetry Set: R13 000 per set + R300 per cable + R2 000 per antenna

African Wild Dog Sponsorship Costs

The breakdown below covers 2 years of support for one wild dog pack. Costs such as daily monitoring & research, field work and other administrative costs are covered by Wildlife ACT.

  • VHF Anti-snare Collars = R10 000 (2 per pack)
  • GPS Satellite Collar = R50 000 (1 per pack)
  • Emergency Response Support = R50 000

Other ways you can help:

  • List the Wildlife ACT Fund as your MyPlanet beneficiary
    Choose Wildlife ACT Fund as your Woolworths MySchool/My Planet beneficiary! Change your current supporter profile to the Wildlife ACT Fund by calling the MySchool/MyPlanet call centre on 0860-100-445. For South African residents only.
  • Adopt an African Wild Dog in South Africa
    Did you know that there are fewer than 550 Wild Dogs left in South Africa? This makes them the most endangered large carnivore in southern Africa. Help Wildlife ACT Fund track African Wild Dogs by sponsoring a brand new satellite-tracking collar:
  • Option 1:

    • Purchase a state-of-the-art tracking collar @ R50 000 or 3 x GPS collars @ R15000 each. You’ll receive:
    • Monthly updates of your African Wild Dog, along with the pack dynamics and their movements.
  • Option 2:

    • Help Wildlife ACT to cover the monthly satellite collar costs by establishing a monthly debit order of R2 000 (approximately $145). You’ll receive:
    • Regular updates of your African Wild Dog, along with the pack dynamics and their movements.

Corporate sponsorship

Around the world companies are stepping up to take responsibility for their footprint on this fragile planet of ours. No longer is the health of our planet being left solely in the hands of conservation organizations, it is now becoming a collective undertaking across civil society, governments and NGOs.

We have come up with unique and exciting ways in which companies can support the important work that we do, and at the same time receive fantastic returns via media exposure and staff involvement. Contact us today to find out how your company can join us as we strive to save Africa’s endangered species.

  1. Merchandising: A great past success were our “Limited Edition” reusable shopping bags sold by Woolworths, which is a great example of how a business can contribute to the work we do, while simultaneously building consumer goodwill and helping to spread important conservation messages. If you are interested in partnering with us on a merchandising agreement, get in touch, and we will take you through some of our exciting and unique ideas.
  2. Staff Incentive Programs: All too often a disconnect exists between an organization’s CSI spend and staff involvement. We have designed programs that give you and your staff the opportunity to physically contribute to and experience the work we do in the field – work made possible by your support. Examples include large scale monitoring programs, collaring operations and rhino notching operations.
  3. Challenge4ACause: Challenge4ACause is a fundraising initiative that allows your organization staff and clients to partake in exciting mountain bike events across spectacular wilderness areas – including Damaraland in Namibia and Mashatu in Botswana. These events are tremendously popular and generate great PR value for the naming sponsor of the events. Check out the videos in the link!
  4. Sponsorship: Wildlife ACT is looking for major sponsors for its African Painted Dog, Black Rhino, Cheetah and Vulture projects. Naming rights will be given to the main sponsor, which will result in extensive media and marketing exposure opportunities. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our projects contact us today.

Individual donors & group initiatives

While one person on their own can make a difference, the collective impact of a group of passionate people can change the world. Are you a school, university, club or just a group of people who want to make a difference? Then read on as we show you how you can join us in conserving South Africa’s natural heritage.

  1. Challenge4ACause: Sign up for our next Challenge4ACause and join a very unique fundraising initiative that allows groups to partake in wildly exciting mountain bike events across conservation areas that very few people ever get to visit.
  2. Spread The Word: Educate yourself about the plights of our endangered and priority species and help us to spread the word. Assist us by educating family and friends about the issues that these endangered species face. Sign up to our newsletter and like our Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow our blog which will transport you into the field with our conservation team as they work to save a snared African Wild Dog or transport black rhinos into more secure areas. Every like, every retweet and every comment helps us to make a difference.
  3. Donate: From the purchasing of monitoring and lifesaving equipment, to the relocation of endangered species and the educating of local communities, every cent helps us in our fight to save these priority species. Contact us if your group would like to host a fundraising event on behalf of Wildlife ACT or click here to make a donation – a donation that could help stop a species from becoming extinct.
  4. Become An Activist: So you have educated yourself, liked our Facebook page, made a donation and perhaps even volunteered, but you still want to do more… then join us as a Wildlife ACT Activist! Click Here to create your group’s online Activist profile and help us to spread our message around the world!