Real Africa. Real Conservation.
Real Africa. Real Conservation.

This is Zululand, not Disneyland!

WATER MAY AT TIMES RUN OUT. Africa as a whole, struggles with water supplies, especially in rural areas. Although it may be difficult to adjust to this if it happens, please bear with us, as this is a problem we all share from time to time. Hot water is not available at all our camps.

ELECTRICITY CAN AT TIMES BE SHUT OFF FOR NO REASON. Electricity can at times be shut off for no reason. This is a government-provided service, over which we have no control. In some of our camps, power will be provided by solar energy; therefore it is not consistent and will not be running throughout the day.

UNRELIABLE INTERNET. Our internet service is slow and unreliable. Although we will do our best to provide you with the opportunity to use it when it is available, you may not always get through.

UNRELIABLE SIGNAL. The cell phone/mobile signal comes and goes, especially in remote areas, or may not exist at all.

THERE WILL ALWAYS BE INSECTS, SNAKES AND SPIDERS. They have just as much right, or more, to live here and we do not kill them. They are part of life in the bush.

TOWN TRIPS LIMITED. The distance between the reserves and any town/city is quite substantial, and fuel costs are high, so any driving to town is limited.

CAMP SAFETY. We understand your frustration at not being able to walk freely around the reserves and project site during your free time. This is for your safety, so please understand the reasons behind this rule.

WEATHER. Although rain is sometimes challenging in terms of getting the work done, please remember how absolutely VITAL the rainfall is for the locations on which we work – many of these areas are drought areas and are utterly dependant on the wonderful gift of rain. The same goes for the flooding!