Monitor Diaries
April 16, 2015

Ostriches Pose for our Camera Trap on ZRR!

The Zululand Rhino Reserve wildlife volunteers and monitors found these amusing pictures of a wobble of ostriches, who seem to be posing for our camera trap.Ostriches are the world’s largest flightless bird. However their long muscular legs make up for the fact that they cannot fly as they can run up to 64km/hr (40mph), making them one of the fastest land birds. They use their wings as rudders to steer while running. A single stride can range between 3-5m!OSTRICHES POSE FOR CAMERA TRAP IN ZRR

Ostriches, iMfolozi, Wildlife ACT

Ostrich, iMfolozi, Wildlife ACT

Ostrich, iMfolozi, Wildlife ACT

Post by Zoë LuhdoProject: Endangered Species Conservation, Zululand Rhino Reserve, Zululand, South Africa

Camera traps are a great way to monitor endangered species. These are essentially remotely activated portable cameras that are triggered by motion through infrared or a motion sensor. The “shots” provide monitors and researchers with fantastic information – allowing them to assess the status of endangered species on a reserve and to help develop and monitor management interventions. Learn more about the technology used for wildlife conservation.