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July 18, 2018

Senior Wildlife Volunteering in Africa

Wildlife ACT offers senior wildlife volunteering opportunities in Africa. Many are under the assumption that African wildlife volunteering is for the young, rather than the young-at-heart. What many find surprising is how many senior wildlife volunteers we gratefully receive every year. A major part of the Wildlife ACT volunteer experience is the coming together of all kinds of people from around the world.[caption id="attachment_16769" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]

Senior Wildlife Volunteering in Africa

Volunteers on uMkhuze Game Reserve. Photo by Chantelle Melzer[/caption]Senior wildlife volunteering is ideal for people who are looking to take some time off from their busy lives – to leave behind work stresses or to pursue a life-long dream. There is great tranquility in immersing yourself in the quiet magic of the African bush. Senior wildlife volunteering can fulfill a need to give something back by dedicating your time and resources towards making a difference.

“I wanted to travel to Africa, but could not find anyone who wanted the same type of experience I did. I am 54 years old, from the US and decided to go alone! Wildlife ACT was perfect. Even when I encountered flight problems, they knew where I was and were there to make sure I got to the reserve. I never felt alone" ~ Gale Smith (54)

Fulfilling a Dream through Senior Wildlife Volunteering

For many, senior wildlife volunteering in Africa is a bucket-list item. The romance of Africa has attracted explorers and conservationists for decades past. It has the power to get under your skin and never leave you. Many who have embarked on a journey of senior wildlife volunteering in Africa, have often come back for more.

“We’ve had some wonderful times working with Wildlife ACT. If anyone wants to do some African wildlife conservation work, then this is definitely the best organisation to choose. You just have to keep going back for more, but then that’s how Africa gets to you – especially those Wild Dogs” ~ Andrea Miller (Germany)

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Volunteers on Manyoni Private Game Reserve. Photo by Megan Hudson

Volunteers on Manyoni Private Game Reserve. Photo by Megan Hudson[/caption]As a wildlife conservation volunteer, you’ll not only learn a lot about conservation, but you’ll also learn more about yourself, and even make life-long friends. Whether you’re a Gap Year student or a retiree seeking a senior wildlife volunteering experience, you will be in good hands. Our endangered and priority wildlife monitors are competent professionals with training and experience. You’ll be working side-by-side with them and gain valuable insights info African wildlife conservation.

Experience a Different Way of Life

The largest concern that many who are pursuing a dream of senior wildlife volunteering have, is whether or not they’ll be able to keep up with the group and daily tasks. We don’t deny that it’s not always easy, and there are challenges along the way (long hours, tough work), but it’s one of the most rewarding and enriching African wildlife conservation experiences you’ll ever have. You’ll experience what it’s like to live and work as a wildlife researcher and conservationist in the heart of Africa.

Rise Up to the Challenge

Senior wildlife volunteering may also evoke a concern over “roughing it” in the African bush. We do not promise all the creature comforts that you’re used to at home, but we can tell that you will be making a positive impact on an organisation striving to ensure the survival of Africa’s endangered wildlife. You’ll also never forget the first time you see an endangered African wild dog, or hear a lion roar. A senior wildlife volunteering experience has so much to offer those with a passion to make a difference.[caption id="attachment_16771" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]

Senior Wildlife Volunteering in Africa 3

Photo by Chantelle Melzer[/caption]

“When I volunteered with Wildlife ACT, I didn’t realise how much it was about to change my life. Two amazing weeks in the bush ignited my soul and reminded me what my true passion in life was, which may have still been buried under the cover of a desk job if I didn’t get the great opportunity to work with such amazing people” ~ Anne Wheeler (United States)

Wildlife ACT is recognised as a reputable wildlife organisation in Africa by numerous world-renowned conservation organisations such as WWF and Panthera. Their endangered wildlife volunteering programme which caters for those seeking a senior wildlife volunteering experience, is unmatched. Their wildlife volunteering projects are Fair Trade Tourism certified, and Wildlife ACT was awarded at the African Responsible Tourism Awards in the category: Best for Habitat and Species Conservation.Follow your dreams, and apply to volunteer today.