Volunteer Experiences
October 6, 2015

Wildlife Volunteering: More Than Just Memories

By Neil MillerNot only does a visit to one of Wildlife ACT's projects offer you the amazing opportunity for life-defining moments while wildlife volunteering, it also offers you the opportunity to establish lifelong friendships too!Andy (pictured below) and I have enjoyed several wonderful trips to South Africa with Wildlife ACT and have met some awe-inspiring people along the way who have become dear friends.

The Friends Made Through Wildlife Volunteering

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Wildlife Volunteering in South Africa

WACT Friends for Life! (all photos by Lizzie Hide)[/caption]Not too long ago during Easter, we met up with Gabi Kirschning and Lizzie Hide (pictured above) in Switzerland. We had a great week chatting about others who we have come to know through Wildlife ACT projects. It was so great reminiscing about our past wildlife volunteering exploits too (mainly of the beloved wild dogs) which we came to know and love.And of course, there was much time for some silliness too. Millionaires shortcake (which Lizzie was able to make at the Wildlife ACT camps) and South African wine (of course) were both enjoyed.

SA Travel Goodies

We were also accompanied everywhere by Kurt (Lizzie's stuffed furry friend pictured in the photos here) who can be seen admiring the views and taking in the various sites of Switzerland. He too has made some friends.

Wildlife Volunteering with Kurt

Kurt was named after one of the painted dogs which unfortunately lost his life to a snare on Lizzie’s first wildlife volunteering trip to uMkhuze. Preventing things like this from happening really reinforces the vital work that Wildlife ACT do.We have also had the great pleasure to meet up with Manfred Suter and Maya von Dach-Bütler over the past few months at their home in Switzerland and hope to catch up with other past volunteers in the future.[caption id="attachment_10501" align="alignnone" width="1024"]

Wildlife volunteering with Kurt & Co

Kurt and his pack[/caption]So for those of you embarking on your first Wildlife ACT adventure, be prepared to take home more than just memories; you will need space in your address book too! And stand by Wildlife ACT monitors; you are on our radar!