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September 15, 2014

Our hitch-hiking genet was picked up by National Geographic!

We are thrilled that our cheeky hitch-hiking genet made an appearance on the front page of National Geographic’s website in Surprising Pictures: Wild Genet Rides on Rhino. National Geographic is a world renown authority in wildlife media and we are so excited to be featured in one of their stories.As National Geographic's article about the hitch-hiking genet, written by James Kydd from Ranger Diaries, was posted in the Weird & Wild section of the website, it seems safe to say that we are not the only ones that are surprised and in awe of this odd relationship.In the article Kydd suggests some interesting theories as to why the genet from Hluhluwe, a reserve in South Africa, would be seen riding on the backs of these large herbivores. Ultimately however there is simply not enough research in this area to give a definitive answer, thus we would love to hear your opinions.

Why do you think this selfie taking genet spends his night catching rides on large herbivores?

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National Geographic Website

National Geographic Website[/caption][caption id="attachment_7805" align="aligncenter" width="798"]

National Geographic Facebook Page

National Geographic Facebook Page[/caption]

We would like to thank James Kydd and everyone else who has helped us share the amazing story of the hitch-hiking genet.
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