African Wildlife Photography Opportunities

African wildlife photography opportunities have attracted many professional and aspiring photographers to join our Endangered Species Monitoring projects. Tracking endangered and priority species twice daily, provides ample opportunity to photograph African wildlife in their natural environment.

Leopard - Photo by Ryan Mitchell - African Wildlife Photography Opportunities

Photographing African wildlife also goes a long way in helping to raise awareness around the species Wildlife ACT and conservation volunteers work hard to protect all year round, whether these are used in campaigns, social media posts, presentations or general story-telling.

We are always so grateful to those with a keen interest in African wildlife photography who join our projects and inspire others. Those who are able to skillfully photograph African wildlife species such as Leopard, Cheetah and Painted Dogs, also allows us to update Identikits for these species, a vital monitoring tool which aids in their protection.

Photo by Ryan Mitchell - African Wildlife Photography Opportunities

An essential task for our conservation volunteers is to be our extra eyes while out in the field. This greatly assists our monitors both when tracking target animals and when unexpectedly coming across other priority species. To have volunteers photograph African wildlife which are a reserve priority, is of great benefit – especially if you are able to skillfully photograph endangered wildlife.

An African wildlife photography experience is a huge highlight for many conservation volunteers who have a passion for it and greatly assists our monitoring efforts. All monitoring jobs are rotated, but the volunteers that have a particular knack for the camera are often given the wildlife photography job while the others take charge of telemetry. It’s all about teamwork out here in the African bush!

We would like to share some of our top wildlife photos that both aspiring and professional African wildlife photographers have submitted over the years. We hope it inspires you to join us and take full advantage of the amazing African wildlife photography opportunities which our monitoring projects offer.

African Wildlife Photography Gallery

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