Wildlife ACT helps in the fight against rhino poaching

17 Jan 2011 |

Wildlife ACT helps in the fight against rhino poachingSomkhanda Game Reserve is a community-owned Reserve, situated in northern Zululand. Due to the increasing pressure from rhino poaching in the area, Wildlands Conservation Trust and Wildlife ACT decided to work together to implement an exciting new GPS wildlife monitoring system, ‘ProTagTor’, onto Somkhanda Reserve, in order to protect these endangered species. The funding for this project was made possible through Wildlands Conservation Trust.

Last week, after months of planning and the erection of the receiver beacons on the reserve, Wildlife ACT, Wildlands Conservation Trust and the makers of ‘ProTagTor’ worked together to practically implement the final stages of the system by inserting the transmitters into the horns of all the rhino in Somkhanda Reserve. The transmitters enable the monitors to be updated 24hrs a day, with real-time data and an alarm system that will alert the anti-poaching team if the rhino is being chased or shot. With this system now in place, the rhino on Somkhanda are significantly safer from poachers.

Pictured here: Simon Morgan (Wildlife ACT) and ‘ProTagTor’ staff help insert the transmitter into a rhino’s horn.