June 8, 2022

Five Actions to Take this World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day 2022
Image by Marc Stickler

Today is World Oceans Day – an important day highlighting this amazing resource that makes up almost 71% of the Earth’s space – and the current plight it is facing.

“The ocean connects, sustains, and supports us all - but its health is at a tipping point,” says the United Nations. “As the past years have shown us, we need to work together to create a new balance with the ocean that no longer depletes its bounty, but instead restores its vibrancy and brings it new life.”

“This year's theme, Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean, will shed light on the communities, ideas, and solutions that are working together to protect and revitalize the ocean as well as everything it sustains.”

Hawksbill Turtle Conservation

Contribute towards ocean conservation and make a difference, not just today, but every day.

Here are five simple yet effective ways to get involved in ocean conservation efforts:

Opt for Sustainably Sourced Seafood

Over-fishing has become the greatest threat our oceans are facing today. Through promoting sustainably and locally sourced seafood, the excessive fishing of our oceans can be corrected. Find further information HERE.

Avoid Single-Use Plastics

Did you know that around 14 million tons of plastic is dumped into our ocean waters each year? Through the collective reduction of single-use and wasteful plastics, a more environmentally conscious society can reduce this concerning figure.

Make Your Voice Heard for World Oceans Day

How many of us can say we are actively aware of the issues our local oceans are facing? Make a conscious effort to be in the know and be part of the change. This can be done through advocating for policy change, spreading the word, participating in beach clean-ups and marine conservation NPOs.

Consider beginning your action by signing Ocean Impact's appeal to increase the protection of the ocean space around South Africa from 5% to 10%. Learn more HERE.

North Island - Seychelles
Photo by Mark Stickler

Choose to Travel Responsibly

Make environmentally conscious and informed decisions regarding your travel destination, activities and transportation. Make positive contributions to the place you travel to by supporting tourism operations that promote local communities and sustainable initiatives.

Participate in Marine Conservation in the Seychelles with Wildlife ACT

Join Wildlife ACT as we continue our work focusing on Endangered Species monitoring, Marine Conservation and Ecosystem Restoration on the beautiful North Island project in the Seychelles. Those who join this project conduct turtle patrols daily at sunrise, in order to help preserve and protect endangered turtles on the Island.

Hawksbill Turtle nesting season typically runs from October to March, and Green Turtle nesting from March to October, so there is turtle activity all-year-round. During these times, fresh turtle tracks can be found daily. There is also a very high chance of seeing some turtles emerge and lay their eggs.

Conservation activities include turtle nest marking, egg relocation, turtle tagging, indigenous tree planting, tropical fish identification, Aldabra Giant Tortoise monitoring and more. Sign up HERE.

Sea Turtle Conservation

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Visit these resources to find out more about how to contribute marine conservation this World Oceans Day: