Wild Dog Conservation
May 22, 2014

iMfolozi Wild Dogs Perform Beautifully for the BBC

Our conservation volunteers from iMfolozi in South Africa were assisted by the team from Hluhluwe and our Operations Manager Taryn Gilroy in hosting a film crew from the BBC and Oxford Scientific Films for two exceptionally exciting days filming the iMfolozi Wild Dogs.The BBC and OSF crew were there to film the Madlozi pack from iMfolozi. The iMfolozi Wild Dogs performed beautifully and the crew was able to get some incredible footage of them out in the open for two days. The pack even attempted a kill but they were unsuccessful. The film crew’s main focus was to get footage of the alpha pair Aladdin and Feather and to document the pack's structure, highlighting how the alpha pair is able to maintain the success of the pack.It was an exhilarating time for everyone involved and we were grateful for the cooperation of the iMfolozi Wild Dogs.

iMfolozi Wild Dogs & the Relationship of the Alpha Pair

[caption id="attachment_6855" align="aligncenter" width="960"]

Taryn being interviewed by BBC about the iMfolozi Wild Dogs

Taryn Gilroy being interviewed by the BBC and OSF.[/caption][caption id="attachment_6854" align="aligncenter" width="960"]

BBC filming the monitoing of the iMfolozi Wild Dogs

BBC and OSF crew filming the wildlife monitoring process.[/caption][caption id="attachment_6853" align="aligncenter" width="960"]

Behind the scenes with BBC filming the iMfolozi Wild Dogs

Behind the scenes with the BBC and OSF film crew at iMfolozi.[/caption][caption id="attachment_6856" align="aligncenter" width="666"]

Madlozi alpha pair of the iMfolozi Wild Dogs

The alpha pair of the Madlozi Pack, Aladdin (right) and Feather (left).[/caption]

Written by: Axel Primmer

The African Wild Dog is currently the second most endangered canid in Africa after the Ethiopian Wolf, and the most endangered carnivore in South Africa. African Wild Dog behaviour is rather unique among canid species. They form incredibly strong social bonds with one another and are highly intelligent animals. Learn more about African Wild Dog Behaviour, Monitoring & Conservation