Volunteer Diaries
June 12, 2015

Lion Monitoring During Winter in Zululand

As we enter the winter months in Zululand (South Africa), the cooler days and drier landscapes make predator viewing much easier. During the past few weeks our lion monitoring sessions have yielded some incredible sightings and great data on our population – not to mention the opportunity for some wonderful pictures.In these images, wildlife volunteer Jim Ward captured one of the northern family groups of lions with juveniles and sub-adults. These lions spend most of their time in the wilderness area of Tembe Elephant Park so they hardly ever have contact with vehicles and people. Thus they were incredibly curious when they came across the monitoring vehicle and they alternated between stalking the vehicle and pretending to ignore us. These cats are always fascinating to watch and this sighting was no different.

Lion Monitoring During Winter

Jim Ward lion cubs - Tembe Elephant Park Lion Monitoring During Winter
Jim Ward lion cubs - tembe elephant park Lion Monitoring During Winter

Post by Clinton Wright (Tembe Wildlife Monitor)Photographs by Jim Ward (conservation volunteer)Project: Endangered Species Volunteering, Tembe Elephant Park, Zululand, South Africa