Leopard Projects
May 19, 2015

Magnificent Male Leopard Found on Somkhanda Game Reserve

Here on Somkhanda Game Reserve there is never a dull moment when you're volunteering with wildlife. The daily monitoring sessions have been amazing in offering up some to some spectacular sightings.On one particular monitoring session, the wildlife volunteers and I were heading out to find the wild dog pack, when we came across this magnificent male leopard just off the main road. It was very exciting, as leopards are largely nocturnal and tend to be very skittish. This one, however, stuck around for a few moments letting us take in all his beauty and get a few photos. It's always a special moment when you get to spend time with these creatures.Male Leopard on SOMKHANDA Game Reserve

Male Leopard on Somkhanda Game Reserve, Wildlife ACT

Post and photograph by trainee wildlife monitor Richard SteynProject: Endangered Species Conservation, Somkhanda Game Reserve, Zululand, South Africa