October 10, 2019

Record Funds Raised at Rhino Peak Challenge 2019

On 5 October, 33 participants took part in the Rhino Peak Challenge – an annual fundraiser which raises money for Rhino, Vulture and Crane conservation in South Africa. The invitees who participate are made up of elite athletes, everyday heroes, corporates, and people of influence - all relying on members of the public to support them and pledge donations for their efforts.

This year, the Rhino Peak Challenge raised a total of R834 000 - almost double the amount raised in 2018! These funds make a vital difference to the work being done to save wildlife species that are under severe threat in South Africa, and across the continent.

Rhino Peak Challenge 2019

The Rhino Peak Challenge is a 100% fundraiser that has been held annually since 2015. Every cent raised is passed on to three beneficiaries: Wildlife ACT, the Endangered Wildlife Trust and Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, and no expenses are deducted.

Of the 7 vulture species that occur in South Africa, all are either endangered or critically endangered. A large portion of the funds received from the Rhino Peak Challenge will be used to further the work of the Maloti-Drakensberg Vulture Project, which is a long-term recovery project requiring extensive research to determine population trends, habitat use, movement patterns and causes of Vulture mortality. Projects such as these require dedicated monitoring programmes, the implementation of conservation actions, as well as public awareness and financial backing.

In an effort to protect and increase Rhino populations, funds received from the Rhino Peak Challenge will facilitate vital Rhino conservation interventions and initiatives such as horn removal, relocations, anti-poaching projects, K9 units and education/awareness programmes. Every Rand counts in combating the unprecedented poaching crisis in Southern Africa. The funding will also aid in exploring innovative approaches to Rhino conservation methods and support further research into strategic solutions to this global crisis.

Rhino Peak Challenge Participants

We would like to thank all the brave participants who took part in this year’s Challenge to make a difference, as well as ALL those who pledged in support of this significant event. The Rhino Peak Challenge has become a real game-changer for endangered species conservation. We are confident that next year’s event will be an even greater success.

We are grateful for your support!