Monitor Diaries
April 1, 2019

The Power of a Purpose-Driven Travel Experience

A meaningful travel experience is one that will stick with you forever – especially when it is shared with others. It has the power to capture our imaginations and feed our desires for escapism, relaxation, transcendence and interpersonal connection. But for most, our vacation days are very few and precious, so careful consideration needs to be taken when deciding how to spend these.

Rahel Meier

Many will agree that a meaningful travel experience in Africa within the natural world has the power of creating one of the strongest connections there is to experience. The human brain is at its best when all the senses are activated - sight, smell, taste, touch and sound. The feeling of seeing an endangered animal in the wild, while being immersed in the sounds and smells of the African bush, touches the hearts of thousands of visitors every year.

Many travelers to Africa will talk about their safari trips endlessly, but very few will remember a deeper, more unique and personal experience when they weren’t afraid to take a bigger leap into the unfamiliar with purpose, and get their hands dirty by getting involved in something truly meaningful. How many can say that they have helped to protect the wild animals that so many flock to Africa to see every year? And how many wildlife species will be left for future generations to see..?

Travelling with purpose can result in a true feeling of happiness - when you know that you have taken some time out of your own life to meaningfully improve the lives of others. You have the choice and the power to create the most meaningful, fulfilling, and joyful experiences possible when you travel. What it required is doing thorough research beforehand, listening to what others have to say about similar experiences, and choose wisely.

For many, the ideal travel experience is not cheap and requires careful consideration to get the most "bang for your buck" both financially and emotionally. But when you know that what you have spent is supporting something truly meaningful, you will begin to feel what it’s like to be a purpose-driven traveler, who has chosen to immerse him or herself in a new environment, while unplugging from the technological ties to home. Such a feeling will stay with you for a lifetime upon returning, and you will treasure and cherish these meaningful travel moments and carry the secrets of happy travel with you into everyday life.


Wildlife ACT is an award-winning conservation organisation that offers responsible travelers with an opportunity to have a purpose-driven travel experience while supporting something truly meaningful. Many who have joined Wildlife ACT in the field have returned multiple times, and many have even changed careers to ones with greater purpose. We highly encourage taking some time to listen to what these individuals have to say, and give careful consideration to your next purpose-driven travel experience.

- Text by Galen Schultz

Galen first joined Wildlife ACT in the field in 2015. Shortly afterwards he quit his freelancing career to support Wildlife ACT full-time and is proud to now be helping their cause in whatever way he can.