Wild Dog Conservation
June 16, 2015

Wild Dog Puppies on Somkhanda Game Reserve!

We thought we’d share some of this years first sightings of wild dog puppies on Somkhanda Game Reserve with our faithful followers.Here on Somkhanda Game Reserve the wild dog puppies have arrived! We can finally say that the pack of 3 wild dogs has successfully denned and are currently raising a litter of puppies that are about a month old. The wildlife volunteers and I were lucky enough to get the first visual and the first photographs and video of these adorable Wild Dog puppies.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Wildlands for their continued support of the Somkhanda project. Somkhanda Game Reserve is managed by the Wildlands Conservation Trust and it us through their support that we are able to run our wild dog monitoring project.


Wild Dog puppies on Somkhanda Game Reserve

Post and pic by Axel Primmer (wildlife monitor)Photo by Angus Thompson (wildlife volunteer)Project: Endangered Species Conservation, Somkhanda Game Reserve, South AfricaLearn more about African Wild Dog behaviour, monitoring and conservation in South Africa.