June 13, 2012

Wildlife ACT makes it to Getaway's list of 'Top 10 volunteering holidays in South Africa

We've made it onto Getaway travel magazine's list of 'Top 10 volunteering holidays in South Africa'!

Extract from the article:

Top 10 volunteering holidays in South Africa

'If you’re tired of your typical holiday routine and you happen to find yourself in a more giving mood, then volunteering holidays could be the perfect solution. There are literally thousands of organisations that rely on volunteers to help them treat orphaned animals, protect endangered ones, or uplift disadvantaged communities. Unfortunately, becoming a volunteer tends to come with a fairly large price tag. And while many of these organisations need donations just as much as they need willing hands, not all of us can fork out thousands of Rands for one week's worth of holiday.So here are our top 10 (more affordable) volunteering holidays and opportunities around the country.

Wildlife ACT

Wildlife ACT does very important work relating to conservation, like implementing anti-poaching technologies in the field and finding effective equipment for monitoring animals. They also assist in reintroducing certain species in the wild as well as community outreach, conservation education and economic development.Volunteers are invited to be part of a professional conservation team and physically work in the field to make a difference in African conservation. And all you need is a passion for conservation and be reasonably fit.Volunteers are invited from all over the world to join the team in Zululand and you’ll be provided with accommodation and food at the reserve.Email: Fill in the contact form on the website'For the whole article visit Getaway's blog. Getaway is Africa's top travel magazine.