Lion Conservation
August 11, 2015

Lion Tracking in Tembe

It is always fabulous when our wildlife volunteers manage to track and spot a group of lions that are not very often seen .Tembe Elephant Park has many wilderness areas that are reserved solely for wildlife, where human activities are restricted, this makes the following lion sighting that much more special.Milo the lioness and her two sons are usually very difficult to find and if you do manage to spot them, they usually don’t hang around for too long. However, on this particular day the lions lazed around next to the vehicle for hours and eventually we had to leave them to their own devices, while we continued our monitoring session. Milo does have a tracking collar but unfortunately it malfunctioned some time ago and we have had to rely on old school bush skills to continue monitoring her. Great credit goes out to the group of wildlife volunteers that were with us at this time, as they fastidiously stuck to their tracking tasks and achieved the improbable with more regularity than most. We are forever grateful for the passion and dedication shown by our volunteers as they undertake the task of wildlife monitoring. Their contribution to wildlife conservation in invaluable.[caption id="attachment_10514" align="aligncenter" width="778"]

Lions Milo and son

Milo and son[/caption]

Milo's son
Male lion
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Photographs by Clinton Wright