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December 11, 2014

Volunteering in the Seychelles: Volunteer Diaries

John Francis recently did some volunteering in the Seychelles with us on the exclusive North Island in the Seychelles. What follows are a series of his emails which details his adventures and experiences on the island.In 2009 John Francis joined us in Zululand, South Africa, as a conservation volunteer. He was one of our very first volunteers. Since then he's volunteered with us in Zululand every year - totaling six times. So when Wildlife ACT started a volunteering in the Seychelles project on North Island, it was only fitting that we asked John if he'd be our first volunteer to test the waters.[caption id="attachment_8804" align="alignleft" width="4272"]

Wildlife ACT volunteer John Francis - volunteering in the Seychelles

Wildlife ACT volunteer John Francis on North Island[/caption]


>> Volunteering in the Seychelles: Diary #1

"I have now settled into my Seychelles camp on North Island which is a small privately owned island of about 200 hectares. I was surprised to find that there are about 100 staff to run the tourist facilities which comprise only 10 luxury villas and to deal with the day-to-day operations including the rehabilitation of the island ecosystem and conservation of wildlife. I have been seconded to the Environment division" Continue Reading...

>> Volunteering in the Seychelles: Diary #2

"Whilst surveying the beach I have to record any interesting birds or migrating birds which are becoming more frequent visitors as the habitat improves. In particular I am monitoring the Seychelles White-Eye which is endemic and also the White-tailed Tropic bird which has very long tail feathers and looks spectacular in flight. I am also collecting any litter that is washed ashore" Continue Reading...

>> Volunteering in the Seychelles: Diary #3

"The Kayak I am using has a glass bottom to it so you can see the fish and coral underneath as you are paddling along which enhances the whole experience. I usually have a swim afterwards just to chill out. It’s all very therapeutic. I have been doing some tortoise research today as so little is known about their behaviour" Continue Reading...

>> Volunteering in the Seychelles: Diary #4

"They are expecting the rainy season to start any time now but it is wall to wall blue sky all day so far. They only have two seasons here, the dry (Winter) season and the wet / warm (Summer). Even though it is so dry the plants are getting greener and greener and the Spring flowers are bursting forth" Continue Reading...[caption id="attachment_8851" align="alignleft" width="4272"]

Measuring baby toirtoises, North Island volunteering in the Seychelles

Measuring baby tortoises[/caption]

North Island in the Seychelles was awarded as the National Geographic World Legacy Awards winner for Conserving the Natural World 2017. Our volunteer program allows you to come and join the environmental team on the ground and help them carry out important conservation work.

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