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July 7, 2015

A Letter From North Island Seychelles

I’m not much of a writer but I am having a wonderful time. I have been a nature conservation volunteer in the Seychelles for 2 weeks now and today Alex, a young man from South Africa, is leaving. He has been a good work partner and I will miss him. Best wishes Alex if you happen to read this.I am a 65 year old farmer’s wife from Cheshire who likes wild life and active holidays. You are never too old for conservation projects. There is always a niche for you

What I have enjoyed the most about volunteering in the Seychelles:

  • Monitoring the green turtle nests, seeing the hatchlings making their way to the sea. Including rescuing 65 hatchlings that needed a helping hand getting to the water.
Green Turtle Monitoring Seychelles
  • Observing and monitoring the Giant Tortoise and collecting food and generally looking after some young tortoises born on the island but not yet considered big enough to release.
Giant Tortoise Monitoring Seychelles
  • The heat and the sun (even though it has rained, you soon dry off).

I am a water baby so, although it has been a little stormy which affects visibility, the snorkeling has been fairly good and I have seen something new every time I snorkeled. Endless varieties of colorful fish - big and small, a hawksbill turtle, many varieties of colorful rays, eels etc.

Beach Seychelles

The Seychelles volunteer accommodation is my own lovely timber house on stilts in the village fully equipped fridge etc. and there are 150 people working here; 3 meals a day with lots of varieties of lovely fish; work clothing and free laundry service. However, there is nothing like hiking up into the higher wooded areas and appreciating the absolute peace, the views and the call of the birds. It is another world and a chance to see who you are and refresh the soul.

Seychelles Volunteer Accommodation
Forrest Seychelles
Beach Seychelles

North Island Seychelles is a tropical paradise only 2x1 kilometers in size but very diverse.Good bye for now. Wish you were here.

North Island in the Seychelles was awarded as the National Geographic World Legacy Awards winner for Conserving the Natural World 2017. Our volunteer program allows you to come and join the environmental team on the ground and help them carry out important conservation work.

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